Christopher G. Worley

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This website was created to offer information about Chris Worley, his research,  consulting, and writing. In the  "Books and Publications" section you can locate articles or purchase books that Chris has written or contributed to. On the "Research and Consulting" page you will find information about research and consulting projects that Chris is leading or working on. 


August, 2014 marked the release of Chris' new book, THE AGILITY FACTOR.  Chris and his co-authors Thomas Williams and Ed Lawler offer a new, research-based approach to achieving long-term profitability.  Backed with solidly researched case studies, the authors reveal a set of capabilities to help organizational leaders use agility to achieve sustained performance and profitability. This recent release follows the Lawler/Worley books, Management Reset (2011)and the best seller Built to Change (2006).


Chris continues his dedication to help organizations be sustainable, agile and profitable.



 Building Adaptable Organizations for Superior Performance